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Hey what’s up guys, I’m Zack, back here with another blog & today, we’re talking Apple, the biggest tech company in the history. This year Apple’s net worth crossed over a trillion USD. Seems like, Steve Jobs dream of getting on top is finally coming to be true.

But, we’re not here to talk of Steve Jobs, right? (I’m the biggest Steve Jobs fan though & I can talk about him for ages). We’re here for Apple & what is next from Apple. Let’s dive into it!

How could I have even started talking about apple without focusing their latest “Apple Card“, which is just a regular Credit Card, baked into your iPhone & also it’s free (you don’t need to pay Apple or MasterCard for this) & easily I’m really stocked about this one.

They claim it’s the safest method of fund transfer but I don’t know, we’ve seen hacks on even Google, but never Apple so kinda keeping m fingers crossed & I’m definitely hitting for this!

Next is Apple TV+, yeah “plus” I don’t know why & how Apple always comes up with these terrific names but it’s what it is. But I really like the idea of it. I have an old Apple TV lying around, finally I can use it! 

So, the idea is very basic. Just like Netflix, it’s another streaming service, but rumors say that Apple will offer much more channels & shows at a much lower price of just $9.99/month (around Rs.693.71), which is cheap compared to something like Netflix that costs $13/month (around Rs.902.72). I have no idea what to expect so let’s see how it turns out.

Now, we come to the most boring thing. Apple Arcade, Why Apple? Who plays Shadow Fight in the age of PUBG? I mean, I know there are a few people that do but this thing can only be appreciated by small kids cause there are practically no cool First Person Shooters or something cool like so, I don’t have kids, I’ll pass.

And the last thing is R.I.P Airpower, Apple has finally cancelled the Airpower project that they’ve been working on since 2017, it was announced alongside the iPhone X but it wasn’t till yesterday when they officially cancelled it. 

I’ll leave a MKBHD video that explains why Apple decided to do this (Marques just explains stuff really amazingly!)

So, yeah, that’s basically it from Apple, if there’s any more news, I’ll inform ya’ll but till now, it is what we’re working with (also, like Marques, I’m worried about the Mac Pro too). 

But till then, I am Zack Roy & I’m signing out. Peace!


Hi, I am Zack & welcome to my personal blog. Through this blog, I share my thoughts & my imaginations to the rest of the world! Follow me on my journey!

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