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Hey what’s up guys, I’m Zack here & I know, it’s been very long but I’ve got a good reason for that. I was very busy. I’m sorry, but here we are today, WWDC 2019 just ended & once again Apple did not fail to surprise us. So, let’s get into the big things.

  One of the major things announced on the show floor was the Mac Pro. Finally, Professionals can have something really “professional” from Apple. Yeah, sure, the design is a bit odd but it allows better cooling than anything we’ve ever seen from Apple. Also, if you don’t already know, it’s fully modular – what that means Apple & third party manufacturers can make hardware that will run on this machine. Specs wise, the base-line Mac pro will have 8 core Intel Xeon W chip with upto 3.5GHz clock speed, 32GB of RAM & an AMD pro 580X GPU, & the base price is $5999, which is pretty considerable since this is a “Pro” machine.

Full specs sheet for the Mac Pro: MAC

Also, alongside the Mac Pro, Apple introduced their “Pro” display, called the Pro Display & the Pro Display XDR. The specs on this display is something that we’ve never seen on a display within that price range, first lemme say the price, the base-line Pro Display is gonna cost $4999. Also the stand is a thousand dollars more. Now, in defence of Apple, we can say that Pros don’t really need a stand. They just mount the display on a stand they’ve already been using, so stop making memes.

Full specs sheet for the Pro Display XDR: DISPLAY

  Also, Apple had something for the non-professionals like you & me. iOS 13. Well, it’s here & lemme spoil this for you, the Dark mode is for real this time! It’s so good in the beta version, I just can’t wait till the final release. iMessages, Calender, etc. everything looks so seemless. Also, Apple claims a 30% increase in speed in FaceID, well I can’t say it’s 30% or not but it’s quick. My favorite thing in all of these has to be the dark theme, I’ll leave a live coverage of WWDC right below the blog, so you guys can check it out!

  So, that’s for this blog guys, I’m super pumped for the Mac Pro & iOS 13, there are a few things I missed but I am not really excited for those like the MacOS Catalina & iPad OS. Anyways enjoy the day & I’ll see you on the next one. Peace!


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