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Hey what’s up guys, it’s Zack back here with another blog, & today I woke up to some really strange thoughts about YouTube being more profitable than blogging. Yeah, I am a blogger but I think YouTube has a bigger fan base than Blogging, let me explain.

Both are the same thing, one is text/written format, one in audio/visual. But both are relatively the same. But the best thing about YouTube is the worst thing about blogs – Visual Content.

Now, with a simple google search report, I found that YouTubers tend to have bigger fan base (more subscribers) than bloggers, more subs means more ad revenue means more money in pocket.

But if you’re like me & you don’t like to show your face in front of a camera, welcome to the blogging world. I mean there’s nothing such as you must do or something like that, it all depends on what you think is the best.

Now, all this time I was talking of blogging & YouTube a a part-time side hustle but if you wanna be a bit serious & take either of them a career, you should know a bit more.

I’ve seen a lotta YouTubers who start with full enthusiasm & spirit but they quit after a while. The point is you should (rather must) never quit, no matter how hard it gets.

The similarities between both is that, at he begging, you have to think of a content & execute it. YouTube is visual, blogging is text.

Now, you have to decide which one is right for you. First being if you wanna show you’re image in the video or not, secondly, you need to have a camera to record it which can be a bit costly, not to mention a computer that can edit those footage.

But in blogging, you basically need a smartphone with an internet connection & that’s it. You’re good to go.

So, blogging is definitely cheaper than YouTube.

Another factor is time. Blogging requires less time than YouTube videos (i.e. is you’re good at typing). In making a video, first you have to think  out the structure of the video, then record it, then edit it & then only you are good to post it, also you need a good internet connection to upload it. 

But blogging is as simple as thinking out topic, type it & post it (no high speed internet required).

And the last deciding factor is of course fan base/subscribers. Well, to my speculations, I think, YouTube takes less time. Again, this is an average so, results may vary. But generally YouTube takes less time.

For instance, my blog ZACK’S NOTES took nearly a year before it started making me good money. 

YouTube on the other hand is…..not easy I’d say but it requires less time,i.e. if you don’t quit & you post quality videos.

But all & all it really comes down to personal preferences. & to me if I were asked to do it all over again, I’d choose YouTube, I don’t know, you guys tell me what you think in the comments section down below. 

Hope you guys learned somethings, cause it was totally random, I just came out with the idea in the morning & typed it but anyways I’ll see you in the next blog. Peace!


Hi, I am Zack & welcome to my personal blog. Through this blog, I share my thoughts & my imaginations to the rest of the world! Follow me on my journey!

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