Digital Minimalism | Minimalism Part 3

Hey what’s up guys, I’m Zack, back here with another blog & today we’re talking about digital minimalism or minimalism on the internet (on your devices). Now we use various devices daily, our phones, laptops, computers, but we never really think of cleaning them up, not me certainly & in that process of not cleaning up, I found myself to be lost & sometimes, I couldn’t even find stuff that I needed. So I decided to clean up my spaces & try what is called “Digital Minimalism“.

So the first thing that I did was to delete everything that I don’t need & I don’t use much often. The stuff included songs (90s’), videos (of me eating paasta) & some random stuff. I deleted them all & I cleared almost a Gigabyte of storage. Also, I uninstalled every app that I don’t use like some music production software, games (they cause distractions, so I suggest you to delete them too) & some other junk apps. I kept only the necessary ones, like my video editing software (Da Vinci Resolve), Adobe apps (PhotoShop & Lightroom), Chrome & Spotify, also I kept one game that I play occasionally, which is you might’ve guessed “Fortnite”.

Now, that our HDD space is cleared, let’s talk about drives. I mainly use Google Drive (cause it’s free) & Dropbox (cause of client work). I don’t have paid versions of either of them, but when there’s a heavy work like 600GB or 700GB of video edits, I usually take the paid version of Dropbox & then, I delete the subscription, also a pro tip:

Don’t pay for anything you don’t use or don’t need.

So I hope you guys liked & learned a bit from this blog, I’ll make a separate blog, all about clearing up space on your phone, so stay tuned for that, until them, it’s Zack, & I’m signing out. Peace!


Hi, I am Zack & welcome to my personal blog. Through this blog, I share my thoughts & my imaginations to the rest of the world! Follow me on my journey!

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