Hey what’s up guys, I’m Zack, back here with another blog & this time, it’s about, how to choose a monitor. So basically this will be a buying guide on purchasing you’re first monitor. So, let’s get started…



Now, first you need to know what you’re gonna do with the monitor. That means, if you’re a photographer then you’re probably gonna be editing photos, I am a blogger, so I need my monitor to show me them words & that’s basically all I need my monitor for.

The specs differ accordingly. Let’s take an example, me,¬†I am a blogger. I don’ need that much high specs in my PC, I’m good with whatever’s possible. But if you’re a photographer, I’d suggest a 4K monitor or better, just to have a better editing experience, this also applies for video-graphers & video editors.

But if you’re a gamer, then it’s a bit different. I have a section just for my gamer friends, so check that out, it’s down below!


Samsung-Space-Monitor-1-1260x500Now, another thing that comes to mind while purchasing a monitor is Budget¬†& surely, if you log in to Amazon, you’ll find tons & tons of monitors but most of them are gonna be too expensive. 4K monitors are generally too expensive in 2019.

If you’re not a photographer or a video-grapher, I’d suggest you to go with a 1080p screen but never choose TN panels (those are the worst!). Always go for the IPS ones. Majority of the monitors nowadays are IPS but still, if you seen a TN written somewhere in the description, quickly avoid that one as TN panels are gross (but usually cheap).


These are my recommendations for non-photographers.

These are for photographers/video-graphers

These are for gamers

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