Hey what’s up guys, it’s Zack, back here with another blog & today we’re talking about my favorite keyboard of all time & the one that I us everyday. So, I got a blogging site, naturally I have to type a lotta words per day. & I use  my PC predominantly for uploading & writing blog as MacBook keys are you know not good for long term typing (that’s just my experience).

And, quite honestly, I don’t like a big chunky keyboard on my  desk (like the Razer Huntsmen or Corsair K95). I prefer something low key. So I was searching on the internet & I came across 2 low-profile mechanical keyboard, one from Cooler Master & another from Keychron. Now, I was on a budget of $100 & the Cooler Master was $120+ & Keychron was just $84, so I went for the later.

1Now, I used this keyboard for more than a week & I can say, it’s AMAZING! I mean, literally, these are the best mechanical keyboard for typing. I don’t know about gaming, but I’m sure it’s not as good as something like the Huntsmen Elite or K95 but it’s decent. A bonus is that it’s wireless, which I like, I’ve opted for that cable-less life & I don’t regret.

The keys themselves are custom Cherry Blue switches, they’re tactile & unlike the full blown mechanical keyboards these are a bit quiet, which I like. Also, the keyboard deck is really really slim, even slimmer than a coin!

So, that was my review of the Keychron K1, by the way, I just realized that I haven’t once said the name of the keyboard, I kept saying the brand’s name, well now you know, it’s K1. Thank you so much for being here & as always, I’ll see you guys on the next one. Peace!

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