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Hey what’s good guys, I know it’s a week since I’ve last posted a blog cause I was a bit busy, but here I am with another blog. As you guys can see, I’ve made a separate category for “travel” blogs. Now, for today, I’m gonna start this category by talking a bit about my own hometown, Kalyani. Let’s start.

You might know Kolkata, one of THE BIGGEST CITIES in India & previously, India’s capital as well. Kalyani is just 80km away from West Bengal’s heart – Kolkata. Now, while typing this, I’m sitting on my porch with my laptop & a cup of tea, thinking all the best possible things; that I love about this little town. Is it the light breeze? Is it the narrow-endless roads? Or perhaps the school I read in? Whatever “it” is I think it stays with me forever, as if now, I am a living, physical part of Kalyani itself. 

Mornings usually starts with the buzzing alarm that appears to set my house on fire. Coffee is a must along with the bright smile of the paperboy as he throws the early morning news at my doorstep. My dad usually is the one who is into news; I just bask in the photos of cars.

School’s always a fun but for me, travel & an independent life has always been a delightful choice. To be honest, I never enjoyed school that was – I always felt a bit cramped & constrained & just confined. I don’t think it was the school itself – they say Kalyani Central Model School (KCMS) is one of the best schools in the whole Nadia district which is true (or maybe true) but I never felt like that. The education is top notch but to me, an wilful life matters more.

Fairs & parties & a plethora of other social activities has always been a part of Kalyani but that’s not what this town is popular for. This town is renowned for it’s calm nature & peacefulness. If you take a walk on the heart of this town – Central Park – you’ll be confound to see the quiet nature of this town, all you can hear are gossips of good ol’ chaps & a light music around the fountain of glory (not the name of it, but I like to call it that).

In the midst of all this magnificence cloaked in shaded forest, I realise I cannot fly to happiness on the back a of winged tigress, because it is already, always there. It sparkles through the warp and weft of memory, expectation, and fear. It exists in the way of other things — complex, contradictory, fleeting — in the spaces between one moment and the next. Happiness, I write, is a kind of exuberance, but in this town, lies all of my happiness – my hometown.

WORDS : Zack Roy

PHOTOS : Charlie Puth


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