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Hey what’s up guys, it’s Zack back here with another blog. Today’s topic is a bit serious & I think it’s important for most people who are thinking to start a blog or even a YouTube channel, thinking, “I’ll earn a lotta money by just press of a button ‘upload’ “, well that’s not how life goes, I have some friends who thinks opening a blog, duh, that’s easy money, well, I’m here to tell you guys the exact truth about blogging!

Well, first of all, if you’re thinking of coming into the blogging world or any creative work online (YouTube, Twitch, Blogging) & you have a mindset of earning money & you’re thinking it’s ‘easy money’, I’m sorry my friend please don’t join, you’ll soon get bored & moreover, you’ll get broke, it’s not for you. But those of you thinking to share some actual content & show people your creativity, you’re utmost welcome with warm hugs!

So, for the second group of people, here are some basic things you should know before getting into this:

  • First & foremost is this is not easy money. I mean sure, you see a lotta YouTubers & Bloggers who own a Lamborghini or a Ferrari & they say “Just simple blogging/vlogging”. But they don’t say how hard it is & how much hustle you need to put into it in the beginning. I mean, you literally need to stay focused & know what you’re doing & don’t quite!
  • The second thing is you need to create value based content, something that people like. For example, if you are a pro at Fortnite, then you should go for online streaming. There are plenty of websites (Twitch, YouTube) & people will definitely watch you’re videos if you’re good at it. People watch stuff that either gives them enjoyment or they learn something from it.

Now, those were the key rules & probably the most important things you need to know if you wanna do vlogging/blogging. If you guys wanna know a bit deeper then just comment & I’m also making a blog where I’ll guide you guys step by step on how to create a beautiful blogging site. Until then, I’m Zack & I’m signing out. Peace!


Hi, I am Zack & welcome to my personal blog. Through this blog, I share my thoughts & my imaginations to the rest of the world! Follow me on my journey!

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